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A Story of Bird Doll


Bird Doll
Bird Doll


Seventh grader Kavya was brilliant.Kavya once overheard Kavya Vallamma talking to a neighbor about a collection of toys.


Kavya wanted to buy dolls for Dasara in the next few days and call her friends to show them. She looked at the toys she had. Kavya said that her toys were not enough to buy toys and she wanted to buy more new toys. Shouted the crow outside. When he heard the crow’s call, Kavya wanted to put toys of birds and animals in the toy basket.


The next evening Kavya took her father to a toy store and bought toys for animals such as parrot, pigeon, peacock, crow, stork, eagle, horse, donkey, etc. On Dussehra, she called her friends and decorated them with toys. The kids played all day. Very tired Kavya slept there. When Amma came and took Kavya inside the house, the toys remained in the closet outside the closet.


The next morning Kavya looked and found no crow toy in them. Amma said she did not know if asked. Dad went to work. Outsiders are not allowed to take it as there is a guard around the house. Kavya had to cry when the toy went missing.


When the cat went next, Kavya asked, “Did you take the crow toy?” “I drink milk. I eat rats but why me a toy? ” That’s a cat.

“Did you take the rat?” Asked Kavya. “I want food to eat but why the toy?” Anesi is a hidden rat.


Kavya looked at someone in the barn and asked the barking dog. “I will eat rice and pieces of meat. Why me a toy? ’Said the dog. Cody asked the ducks. They said it was not sweet. Kavya composed asuru.


A parrot greets Vali Kavya on a guava tree in the manger. There was excitement in its words but Kavya could not hide the pain of losing the toy. All that happened was told to the parrot.

“Did your friends take it?” Said the parrot.


“No. Do not ask. A crow saw the toys for a long time while we were playing. Will it be taken? ”Kavya asked. The crow also said the landmarks with the parrot.

‘Our forest is right next door. The crow in our forest is like you said. I will ask it ”said the parrot who flew away.


“I do not know theft unless I am flattered by my dance,” said the peacock. “I eat fish but what do I do with the toy?” The stork.


Almost all parties said they did not pick up the toy. Until then the crow did not come immediately as it was going somewhere. Then come “Self Crow. Why a crow toy for me? ” Andi.

When the bird king says, “It was taken by someone else,” he said, “Why do you think the birds brought it? Can it be taken by humans? ”Said the crow suspiciously. Then Maina came there and said that she saw the crow playing with the stolen toy.


The parrot and the crow went together and gave the toy to Kavya. The crow apologized for stealing the toy. Kavya, who was happy to find the toy, asked, “Is stealing wrong? Amma said not to be so sweet. I will be rewarded if I walk. I love that toy. Take it as a gift to your children, ”Kavya replied.
Kavya gave the parrot a homemade sweet fruit as a gift in gratitude for her help.

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