Improve your vocabulary – Learn English Part 1

Improve your vocabulary -Part 1

1) Adopt – స్వీక‌రించు, ద‌త్తత చేసుకొను

To choose a new name, country, custom, etc. to use it as your own / to choose somebody as a candidate in the election.
Usage: The Company has adopted a new policy


2) Alter – మార్చు, మార్పు చేయు

To change something or someone
Usage: The tailor altered my dress.


3) Arrest – నిర్భందించు

To end a process or development
Usage: Corruption arrests the progress of the country.


4) Avoid – దూరంగా ఉంచు

To keep away from something or somebody
Usage: He avoided meeting his friend.


5) Amass – కూడబెట్టు, కూర్చు, పోగుచేయు

To collect something in large quantities
Usage: The politician amassed wealth in his tenure.


6) Assemble – సమావేశపరుచు

To collect people or things as a group
Usage: All the employees assembled in the hall.


7) Accumulate – నిర్ణీత కాలంలో కూడబెట్టు, నిర్ణీత కాలంలో పోగుచేయు

To gradually collect something over a period of time –
Usage: He accumulated lots of money by investing in the shares.


8) Avail – ఉపయోగించు

To make use of opportunity or offer
Usage: The employees avail themselves of the facilities provided by the company.


9) Apply – అనువర్తించు, ద‌ర‌ఖాస్తు చేయు

To use something in a particular situation.
Usage: The new technology was applied to make the job easy.


10) Adulterate – చవుకగా దొరికే పదార్థములతో మంచి పదార్థములను కల్తీ చేయు

To make of becoming less pure because of the addition of some other substance
Usage: Some milkmen adulterate milk by adding water to it.


11) Attract – ఆకర్షించు

To make somebody come somewhere or take part in something.
Usage: The exhibition attracted lots of people.


12) Appeal – విజ్ఞప్తి చెయ్యి, నివేదించు

To make somebody do something by suggesting that it is a fair, reasonable or honest thing
Usage: They appealed to the king to pardon him.


13) Achieve – సాధించు

To succeed in reaching a particular goal.
Usage: She achieved success in her life.


14) Absorb – పెద్ద మొత్తంలో ఉప‌యోగించు

To use a large supply of money or time.
Usage: They absorbed a lot of money to start the new venture.
Typing this is absorbing my time. (for applying this one to the present situation)


15) Absorb – శోషించు, పీల్చు

to pull up, suck up, or pull away
Usage: The sponge absorbed the spill.


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